Please tell me what is wrong with my book review site?

The Book Review
Paul B asked:

I've done a place of review of books and doesn 't seem to solve well.

Question posted courtesy of: Greg Schmigel’s Book Reviews
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  1. I don’t really see what’s wrong with it.
    maybe you just need to get a name on the net, so people will know where to look…you have a few sites where you can register, so they’ll put your site there.. but I wouldn’t know which ones right now..

  2. Good for you for participating in the advancement of literacy on the web. One piece of constructive criticism is just regarding the design, What is with all the dead space surrounding the content, I would much rather see the content in slightly larger fone and spread out more and have less of the border, you have a lot of wasted space there and that can make the content more difficult to read. I also found your main links menu difficult to read. I would also recomend that you make book title one of the sort options under the reviews.
    The site seems a bit difficult to read and navigate, easily fixable. Also I dont see any information about where these reviews are coming from, are users writing them, staff? It seems a little convoluted.

    Dont be discouraged, you have started something good that just needs some work, a website is an evolving thing.

    Once you have further perfected your site, you will need to spend lots of time marketing it on various search engines, catalogues and lists

    Good luck

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