Can anyone give me a full book summary of False Impression by Jeffrey Archer?

book summary
Dr Freeman asked:

I was supposed to read the book False Impression by Jeffrey Archer for summer reading. I got the book from the library and had to return it with only finishing 70 pages. and they won’t even let me renew it because there is a waiting list. Can someone PLEASE help me? Can you give me a detailed summary of the book? or give me the link to a site that does it for me? I can’t find a site for it.

If anyone can do that for me, i will definitely choose you as the best answer!

Question posted courtesy of: Greg Schmigel’s Book Reviews

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  1. Then search the book with title and maybe author. Spark Notes is great for everything. Consider it your personal lit tutor.

  2. i’m sorry, but i don’t take bribe attemts. just borrow the book from a friend, they proably did it already are more than happy to help you out… NO CHEATING!!!
    Good Luck!!!

  3. Sorry, 10 points not worth helping you cheat (although obviously not everyone believes in that — too bad, what they are teaching you is horrible!). Just read the book … there are plenty of copies out there. I don’t feel sorry for you because you had at least two weeks to read it. And it’s really too bad because I DID read it and it’s a GREAT book!

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