Book Summary?

book summary
blondie_chic asked:

I just read the book Silken Savage by Catherine Hart and i loved it!! i was just wondering if anyone could give me a whole summary of the book because i need it for school. thanks!!
Anyone who can give me a full complete summary will get the best answer!!

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  1. never read it. go to–and if you read it, then y cant you just write the summary since u know what happens and all or r u just trying to be a smarty pants, saying u’ve read the book to seem smart, where the truth is that u haven’t and u need a summary b/c uve never read it? huh?

  2. basic story line you will need to add for summary depending on word count needed
    Captured by a party of Cheyenne as she is traveling with her family to join her fiancĂ© in Colorado territory, beautiful young Tanya Martin refuses to let her proud spirit be broken or her voluptuous body abused. But she did not anticipate her heart’s reaction to A Panther Stalks, the brave who has claimed her as his prize. Tanya soon becomes her captor’s willing slave, overcome by a passion she cannot resist. Though fate conspires to tear her from her lover’s side, Tanya vows to surmount every obstacle that stands between them, until she is safe at last in the arms of the man who awakened her to ecstasy.

  3. A Research Guide for Students.

    Type the name of the author and, or book and let the search engine locate the study guides and other information. The Best Link Ever.


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