Does anyone know where I can get a free book summary on Goodbye Mr. Chips?

book summary
jordanart101 asked:

Or does anybody know the full name of Mr. Chips. Any information on the book you have would be very helpful.

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  1. try sparknotes its really helpful

  2. Just read the book.

  3. search through the web u will surely find it

  4. look in the book stors or on line under books

  5. “Goodbye, Mr. Chips (originally Good-bye, Mr. Chips) is a novel by James Hilton, first published in 1934. The story was first published in the British Weekly, an evangelical newspaper, in 1933 but came to prominence when it was reprinted as the lead piece of the April 1934 issue of The Atlantic. Afterwards, Hilton became a bestselling author.” (

    As for finding the book summary didn’t have it nor There is a movie version:

    Amazon has the book for $6.00, if that helps.

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