I need a good book summary?

book summary
Ty asked:

Where can I find a good quality, in depth book summary for the book “Red Sky at Morning.”
I have already tried sparknotes and cliffsnotes, niether of them have it. I also don’t know what master plots is.

Question posted courtesy of: Greg Schmigel’s Book Reviews
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  1. ..good stuff

  2. Have you tried “Master Plots?”

    (It’ll be available at your local library)

  3. Search the title at Amazon.com

    You will find a number of summaries and comments.

    Kindest Regards,

  4. Check these links:

    Hopefully these will help.

  5. These links will give you a summary of the book, character analysis, plot and much more, so that you will be able to answer literary questions.

    For the Great Works of World Literature


    Éirinn go Brách

    CAOIMHÍN, Liverpool, England.

  6. Red Sky at Morning is a 1968 novel by Richard Bradford. It was made into a 1971 film of the same name. The book follows Josh Arnold, a young man whose family relocates to Corazon Sagrado, New Mexico during World War II. It was regarded as a “true delight” (Washington Post Book World) and a “novel of consequence” (New York Times Book Review). Today, it is still regarded as a classic coming of age story.

    Joshua Arnold, his mother Mrs. Anne, and Mr. Arnold are a wealthy family living in Mobile, Alabama. At a young age Josh’s skin condition leaves the family looking for a way to relieve it. To solve this problem, the Arnolds build a summer home in Corazon Sagrado, a small town high in the New Mexico mountains. Sagrado, the main setting of the novel, is an interesting town, with many interesting characters and conditions that lead to Josh’s development. The book explains the beginning days in Sagrado, when the Arnolds buy land, build a house, and begin to spend summers in New Mexico. The bulk of the novel, however, deals with Josh at the age of 17, and his extraordinary development due to uncommon circumstances.

    The novel is initially set in Mobile, Alabama in the late 1930s, but the bulk of the novel is set in a small town in New Mexico called Corazon Sagrado in WWII during Josh’s senior year of high school.

    Joshua Arnold – Josh is strong young man whose strength allows him to get through a variety of circumstances. When his father leaves to join the Navy and eventually dies, Josh takes over his role as head of the household. These additional responsibilities shape Josh from the seemingly naïve boy at the beginning of the novel to the capable adult into whom he evolves.
    Mr. Arnold – Mr. Arnold is Josh’s father. Although racism is a common issue at the time, Mr. Arnold often goes out of his way to help people of minority whom he may employ. Mr. Arnold owns a shipyard and is also insistent on joining the Navy. This factor of his absence plays a major role on Josh’s development.
    Mrs. Anne – Mrs. Arnold is Josh’s mother and is in sharp contrast to his father. Mrs. Arnold is a strong southern women who does not display the same to kindness to minorities. The absence of her husband, however, leads to her mental breakdown, another trying factor for Josh, half-way through the book.
    Amalie – Amalie was Mr. Arnold’s high school friend. She spoke kindly of his treatment of her throughout high school. She did and still does love Mr. Arnold and does not hold back in telling Josh so.
    Jimbob Buell – Jimbob is a professional house guest, who has been bouncing between houses for quite some time in Sagrado. He spends several months with the Arnolds.
    Courtney Anne Connoway – Courtney Anne is Josh’s girlfriend from Mobile.
    Paul and Lacey – Paul and Lacey are the Arnolds’ house cleaners in Mobile. Upon being let go, Mr. Arnold gives them 500 dollars while Mrs. Anne later gives them ten.
    Amadeo and Excilda Montoya – The Arnolds’ domestic help in Sagrado. In a rage, Josh’s mother fires them.
    Victoria – Victoria is the Montoyas’ daughter. When he is younger, Josh proclaims that he loves her, however years later she is not mentioned much because Josh’s feelings for her may not be racially acceptable.
    Chango Lopez – Chango was the bully in Sagrado. He constantly picked on Josh and the other kids with his gang of associates. However, after a near fatal stabbing he is transformed in to a devout Catholic and a friend of Josh.
    Viola Lopez – Viola is Chango’s sister. She was very religious and the pride of her family and town for her studies. However her good-girl image may not be everything it seems.
    Tarzan – Tarzan was one of Chango’s gang. After going crazy and stabbing Chango, he flees and hides in hills and abandoned buildings. Viola takes pity on him and tries to help him but he is captured and thrown in jail by the town sheriff.
    Chamaco – Chamaco is the town sheriff in Sagrado. His biggest role in the story is his pursuit of Tarzan, which he does with much enthusiasm because it is some of the only police work he gets to do in Sagrado.
    Venery Anne and Velva Mae Cloyd – The Cloyd sisters are the two beautiful shallow sisters in Sagrado. When they become pregnant, their father rushes into the school with a shot gun searching for the boy responsible.
    Mr. Cloyd – Mr. Cloyd is the crazy and over protective father of the Cloyd family. He is a professional con man whose double jointed arm allows him to fake getting hit by a car of a big company and sue for the insurance money.
    Romeo Bonino – Romeo is the wise carpenter turned sculptor of Sagrado. Once a friend of Josh’s father, Josh meets him by chance one day and he becomes a wise mentor for Josh throughout the book. He goes through a series of wacky but unimportant models. He sculpts boulders of people he respects. At the end of the novel the head of Mr. Arnold appears next to the other boulders he sculpted.
    Dr. Temple – Dr. Temple is a psychiatrist. His wife drives their Rolls Royce and accompanies him on official visits. They came to Sagrado for a the dry air to cure a supposed breathing illness of their son (that was all in his head). Several times, Josh calls Dr. Temple to treat his mother.

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