I don’t wanna be crazy book summary?

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helloooooimacarrrrrrr asked:

I need a mind refreshing summary on samantha shutz’s book entitled i dont wanna be crazy. i have already read the book but i need more info on the book because i read it a few months ago. otherwise please provide a website where i could find the actual text of the book, somewhat like google books.

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  1. I haven’t read the book, but here’s a review of the book from School Library Journal that I found on Amazon, which hopefully will help:

    “In this “memoir in verse,” Schutz comes to terms with an anxiety disorder that surfaced and plagued her throughout and after her college years. Readers accompany the author from the summer after high school, through college, on a semester abroad in Paris, and into her first job after graduation. Typical early-adulthood issues such as boyfriends, sex, drinking, grades, and family are woven throughout her struggle with physically and mentally debilitating panic attacks. The author had the courage and wisdom to seek professional help and embarked on a long and often bumpy road to treating her disorder. The decision to write in verse proves fitting; in the scenes in which a panic attack is approaching, for example, the short lines of text echo the breathless terror described within. Though the book begins to feel repetitive toward its conclusion, the repetition simultaneously reflects the cyclical nature of Schutz’s disorder and one’s college years. Aptly, the book ends without absolute closure, and while luckily not all teens will find themselves in identical situations, many young people transitioning to adulthood will find a part of themselves in this overwhelming, and seemingly never-ending, search for self-identity”

    Hope this helps a bit!

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