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Jessica asked:

Here are 9 simple steps to keep in mind when creating a book review. Any kind of book review, written or via web video, explores the main aspects of the book, along with specific examples. However, a good book review is not simply a book report or a summary – goes a step further and connects the book with the world around us. Some things to bear in mind when reviewing a book: 1. Indicate the name of the book, the author and the publication exactly. This seems simple, but is sadly often botched.2. Do your research and read the book carefully. Review? t? Donate to the book if you? t? read the full it.3 havenâ. Never give away the whole story. The goal is to entice readers to review. Let them know what is the book, while those who want to leave more.4. What is the theme of the book? If you do a work of fiction, how the author used the characters and setting to lead the diagram? 5. What genre is the book? Do you live up to that genre? If it is a mystery, I guess saved? Or, if for example a how-to books, one could follow the instructions and perform the tasks described? 6. Let people know you are related to the book. You did laugh or cry? Try to share some highlights of the book too far from the donor. Share your personal connection with the book. Makes the review interesting, and gives the person watching or reading your review a sense of who you are.7. You? t? the donut is that in a general sort of way, love? of? the youâ with reference to the book review. Be specific and give specific examples out of the book that support your opinion.8. Have you read other titles by the author? Compare the title you are looking for other books by the same author will help people to gauge their interest in the book.9. Do some research on the author. There may be something very interesting about the author that readers want to know.

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